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While playing the jazzy chanteuse, Magarill’s dusty, dusky pipes gave suggestions of strong whiskey, lit cigarettes and after-hours affairs. She then switched gears and sang chirpy songs of defiance. – RAY ROGERS, NY POST

This boasts a winning combination of dynamic and versatile songwriting coupled with beautiful and strong vocals. Her masterful blend of influences like Vega (Suzanne), Todd, and Bush (Kate), merge to form a sound that is clearly and uniquely her own. This eight-song collection features the knob twiddling of one Joy Askew on the best track, Love Goes Where Love Goes,” which is positively hypnotic, while “Sorry,” is a standout in a crop of overachieving songs. MATT MACHAFFIE, YEAHYEAHYEAH, ISSUE #16

Nancy Magarill is a Tori Amos-styled vocal stylist that works great expression into her delivery….Magarill’s delivery seems taken to the breaking point with emotion… TOM SCHULTE, WOMANROCK.COM

Nancy Magarill has a voice that caresses sensually, while seeming to crack with pain… but she’s entering territory in which most people, men and women, hate to admit they’ve resided…It’s an apt metaphor for Magarill, who has this pixieish, sweet coating, beneath which lie a cauldron of spice and hot sauce. HUDSON CURRENT

Nancy Magarill’s beautiful Sarah Mclachlan-esque voice is what stands out, although the haunting songs and evocative arrangements are also worth mentioning. These days it’s refreshing, if a little disconcerting, to hear intelligent lyrics from the standpoint of someone who is completely fixated on someone besides themselves. OCULUS MAGAZINE